Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo | Fregona (TV)
Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo | Fregona (TV)
Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo | Fregona (TV)
Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo | Fregona (TV)

Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo

Via Grotte del Caglieron, 33




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Lo Chef Nereo Salvador | Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo | Fregona (TV)

Nereo's Kitchen

Nereo's cooking is like a woman of character: she does not follow fashion and trends, but she makes her own and interprets all the evolutions, the modern techniques and the most ancient traditions, creating her own well-defined style. She has many years of experience, but she comes back young and full of novelties at every appointment.

A demanding cuisine: the best fresh fish from the trusted fishermen, the local meats, the freshest vegetables at Km 0. A 'curious nature, a special flair in harmonizing flavors and textures, a sensitivity in the search for ingredients make the kitchen of Nereo a really interesting meeting.

If you are a traveler looking for emotions and flavors, this is the right place. The simplicity of the place should not be misleading, it is not a place for those in a hurry ... Here You can calmly plunge in the pleasure of a quality cuisine, accompanied by a wine list that ranges from the best local proposals to a selection of national, French and Slovenian wines.

Nereo, in over 25 years of experience, has created dishes that remain in your heart. As he says:

"in the making of my dishes I made simplicity, not so much the starting point, but the goal, to interpret and enhance the best products of the sea and land, selected with passion. "

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Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo | Fregona (TV)

The Restaurant

From the renovation of an old mill, an ideal place is born for your banquets, events, ceremonies, business lunches and for your romantic dinners: the characteristic Restaurant Alle Grotte da Nereo, a few steps from the charming Caves of Caglieron .

In addition to the bright and wide room, you can book the pretty stone room where under the central table flows the water that once moved the mill wheel. In summer, the terrace surrounded by greenery faces directly to the wooden bridges leading to the caves.