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the caves

a unique scenery
to be enjoyed in summer and in winter

Le grotte del Caglieron

The Restaurant Alle Grotte da Nereo is located at the foot of the Caglieron Caves Park: a unique setting, shaped by the power of the Caglieron stream and the mining activity of the man dating back to 1500.

The entire route, one kilometer long, follows the stream and through the walkway through the site of the caves, here you can admire the suggestive cavities, listen to the rustle of the lush stream and its waterfalls. the Caves offer a pleasant coolness during summer, in winter the cold blocks the flow of water, creating fascinating frozen icefalls.

Further information

The Restaurant Alle Grotte recommends reading the detailed information sheet prepared by the Pro Loco of Fregona, for a conscious and safe visit to the Caglieron Caves.

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Anche Nereo supporta la Raccolta fondi per le Grotte del Caglieron

Grotte del Caglieron | Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo Grotte del Caglieron | Ristorante Alle Grotte da Nereo Grotte del Caglieron | Ristorante Alle Grotte Da Nereo

a tasty morsel after the visit?

Chiosco Caglieron is open!

If the restaurant is dedicated to the true deepening of taste, the Chiosco Caglieron, open in spring and summer, offers quick and well-kept snacks, specially designed for tourists and customers visiting the caves.